Graeme Jensen Self Titled CD.


Debut CD

"Graeme Jensen"







© Graeme Jensen

Keyboard: Vaughan Jones
Lead Guitar: Mark Nuske
Backing Vocals: Dot Kelly


Takin’ one step at a time
Tryin’ not to fall down
Cause the weight of the world
Is a heavy load to bear
With no sense of direction
Not knowin where to turn
Like a shootin’ star outta control
You might just crash and burn

Are we so sure of what we’ve done
We never ask what to do
Like a footprint in the desert
We’ll soon be buried in the dunes
As you lay sleepin’ in your bed
With the covers pulled over your head
Lift up the blind and open the window
Could be time to take a breath

So when you’re standin’ on the end of the line
Hopin’ your number will come up
Step on the road and hold up your hand
Then climb on board the bus
Life is what you make of it
So do the best you can
Cause when you’re gone, all that’s left
Will be a footprint in the sand