Graeme Jensen Self Titled CD.


Debut CD

"Graeme Jensen"







B Gibb

Keyboard: Vaughan Jones
Pedal Steel: Warren Gelhaar
Backing Vocals: Dot Kelly


Maybe you don’t know me
Any more than I know you
And I wouldn’t blame you if you walked away
I’ve been watchin’ you all evening
With the teardrops in your eyes
And it touches me much more than I can say
No I hate to think that someone
Could have hurt someone like you
And if I was him I’d be right by your side

Lay your troubles on my shoulder
Put your worries in my pocket
Rest your love on me a while

Saw you in the corner
And the moment I walked in
Saw your lonely face across the room
No I won’t forget
And the way it might have been
Why did you have to leave so soon
No I hate to think that someone
Could have loved you more than me
And that times like this I’d be right by your side

How long must I wait
For the last train to be here
And the last chance to come
Get to think that I was born too soon
How long honey
When nothin’ don’t come
I was there when you left
Just didn’t know how to begin