Graeme Jensen - Bullocky Road 2009 - Latest CD Release.


New CD

"Bullocky Road"

Released November 2009





The One I’m dreaming of

© 14/02/08 Graeme Jensen

I’m a sittin here, just a drinkin’ beer ,
And she’s sittin over there
With long black hair and legs everywhere
She’s a scarin’ me half to death

Well it won’t be long the way I’m pourin’ em down
I’ll be lookin’ for a dance or two
My heart starts a pumpin’ my blood starts a rushin’
I’m a gonna go ask her out

Well she’s such cutie a real little beauty
I think I’m a falling in love
Her eye’s are brown her hair hanging down
She’s a little lovey dove
If we get together you better watch the weather
The storm clouds rolling above
She’s one in a million let me tell ya momma
She’s the girl I’m dreaming of

Well….Holy Moly get the guacamole
Here she come up to the bar
Those swinging hips and big red lips
I bet she drives a real fast car

Well it doesn’t matter, I couldn’t catch her but
She’s just too pretty for me
I’ll get another beer I’m a waitin’ over here
She’s the girl of my dreams