Graeme Jensen - Bullocky Road 2009 - Latest CD Release.


New CD

"Bullocky Road"

Released November 2009





On The Beach

© Graeme Jensen

Where the sun beats down
coloured sands all around
on the beach
where the hang gliders fly
way up high in the sky
on the beach

She-oaks swaying in the ocean breeze
Warm smell of salt in the air
Layin’ back on an easy chair
On the beach

Where the dolphins play
in the clear blue waves
On the beach
The weather is great
and the Children all play
On the beach


Four wheel drivin all day
and the fishing is great-
on the beach
grab some beers from the pub
and some wood from the scrub
on the beach

Sun sinks low
now its time to go
Head’n back to my home
We’ll be back for another day
on the beach
Lay back and forget all your cares
On the beach