Graeme Jensen - Bullocky Road 2009 - Latest CD Release.


New CD

"Bullocky Road"

Released November 2009





I’ll keep on loving you

© Graeme Jensen

Gonna keep on loving you
No matter what you say or do
No body knows what we’ve been thru
I’m gonna keep on loving you
With a love so strong and true
I’ll keep on loving you

The first time I saw your face
Made my heart start to race
I drove all night to think it thru
I couldn’t get my mind off you

I stopped and turned my life around
Headed back to your home town
You bring joy into my world
You’ll always be my little girl


I know we’ve had a bumpy road
We both had to share the load
Its not as easy as it seems
We were both a little green

But you know the sunshine’s bright
We followed that guiding light
Our ship has finally come ashore
We’ll be in love for evermore


You can take the hurtin’ from me
When I need you close to me
You’re always there to hold my hand
You took me to the promised land