Graeme Jensen Self Titled CD.


Debut CD

"Graeme Jensen"







© Graeme Jensen

Keyboard: Vaughan Jones
Dobro: Steve Treloar
Slide Guitar: Graeme Jensen
Harmonica: Larry Larstead


When I was just a baby
Mamma carried me all about
Now that I’m a young man
I miss her helpin’ hand out
Had a scrap or two with my brother
Even got a bloody nose
Took a lot to set off Daddy
But heaven knows

Fixin’ broken fences
That’s what life’s about
Fixin’ broken fences
You got to sort it all out
Daddy nearly told me every day
He used to make us shout it out loud
Fixin’ broken fences
That’s what life’s about

Now me and my ol’ lady
We’ve had a blue or two
But you got to talk it over
Or you’ll wind up with the blues
There’s no use bein’ lonely
And livin’ on your own
Like a dog without a light pole
Or a bull without a horn