Graeme Jensen Self Titled CD.


Debut CD

"Graeme Jensen"







K O’Dell (Warner)

Keyboard: Vaughan Jones
Pedal Steel: Warren Gelhaar
Backing Vocals: Dot Kelly


My baby makes me proud
Lord don’t she make me proud
She never makes a scene
Hangin’ all over me in a crowd
‘ Cos people like to talk
Lord don’t they love to talk
Bur when they turn out the lights
I know she’ll be leavin’ with me

And when we get behind closed doors
And she lets her hair hang down
And she makes me glad that I’m her man
‘ Cos no-one knows what goes on behind
Closed doors

My baby makes me smile
Lord don’t she make me smile
She’s never far away or too tired to say
I want you
‘ Cos she’s always a lady
Just like a lady should be
But when we turn out the lights
She’s still a lady to me