Graeme Jensen Self Titled CD.


Debut CD

"Graeme Jensen"







After losing a close friend and family and almost his own wife in a car accident, this became the inspiration for Graeme to write the song "Crosses". So take it easy on the road, We don't want you to be, ("Just Another Cross On The Road".)

This song is dedicated to the memory of my beautiful cousin, (Julie Ward).

Copyright Graeme Jensen 1997

Keyboard: Vaughan Jones
Pedal Steel: Warren Gelhaar
Backing vocals: Dorothy Kelly


I remember the night I met you
You were seventeen
I was twenty-two
Flowers in your hair
Music filled the air
Not a care in the world

Got married and settled down
A quiet country town
Then came the sound
Of little feet runnin' round

I can't forget the day
The road took you away
It tore the heart right out of me

Crosses on the road - go by
Crosses on the road - make me cry
You've been gone for a year
But I still miss you dear
Just another cross on the road

Our little boy's - a little man
Taught him to shake my hand
Been cryin' himself to sleep for a year
He just can't see through the tears

Still hear your voice down the hallway
Still feel the warmth of your kiss
The nights are long and cold
Now I have no-one to hold
All my dreams are of you


Never thought the day would come
I would be alone
I need you

Crosses- by Graeme Jensen