Graeme Jensen Self Titled CD.


Debut CD

"Graeme Jensen"







This song is a reflection of Graeme's childhood days growing up on a dairy farm,and having done The Cowpat Boogie!

© Graeme Jensen / Quentin Duffy
Keyboard: Vaughan Jones
Lead & Rhythm
Guitar: Quentin Duffy


Well Grandad’s farm was a whole Lota fun
When I was just a boy
Ridin’ horses, chasin' chooks
life was just a joy
I'd climb the fence and help my Nan
With all the farmyard chores
We'd chase the cows into the yard
And this in what I saw

She was doin' the Cow-pat boogie
When she slipped and hit the floor
Doin' the Cow-pat boogie
She went slidin' out the door
doin' the Cow-pat boogie
When the cows called out for more
Doin' the Cow-pat boogie

Won't be hangin' 'round here no more
It was quite some time till I went out back
To that good ole' dairy farm
Old Stud Bull had his nose in the air
He was lookin’ for some grass
Uncle on his five legged horse
Rusty dog would luagh.......
Nan and Grandad were dancin’ round
They were two steppin in the barn