Graeme Jensen - Bullocky Road 2009 - Latest CD Release.


New CD

"Bullocky Road"

Released November 2009





A Country Style Of Living

© Victor O’Toole

I was bought up by my momma in a little country town
We never had much money just enough to go around
Momma always read the bible before we went to sleep
Said our prayers to Jesus and trusted in his keep

It’s a country style of living it’s a country style of song
Country style upbringing, a place where I come from
Back to simple basics with a kettle on the stove
Bible on the table, the place that I call home

In the pages was a message to love your fellow man
Help your next door neighbour, and do the best you can
That was the kind of learnin my momma taught to me
A helping hand to fellow man where ever you may be


If you see a begger crying, on a lonely wind swept street
Take his hand when you can, there’s an angel you might meet
Always help your brother, along lifes narrow road
Give your love and friendship, and help him with his load