Graeme Jensen - Bullocky Road 2009 - Latest CD Release.


New CD

"Bullocky Road"

Released November 2009





Bullocky Road

© 24/12/2008 Graeme Jensen

Working all day in the dust and the heat
First to rise last to sleep
Hauling logs through rain and the sleet
Rattle of the chains from the bullocks feet

My Daddy taught me everything I know
His Daddy use to live on Bullocky Road
The crackin’ of a whip in the frosty air
Smell the fire burnin’ smoke everywhere

On bullocky road
On bullocky road
On bullocky road
On Bullocky road

Momma use to keep the homefires burning
While daddy was out there makin’ a living
She’d wash the clothes and teach the children
How to make the bread and to pray forgivness

One day while Daddy was out there working
A log fell off and pinned him down
Two days passed before they found him
God already took him to heaven


Now if you think that times are tough
And the road that your ridin’ is too rough
Spare a thought for those before us
Swinging that axe and eating the dust